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27 Stauffer Industrial Park
Taylor, PA 18517
GPS Location:
15 Kane Lane, Taylor PA 18517

August 27 | 2 p.m. | FREE of Charge

Learn about the power of direct mail marketing and the various ways to save money on postage.

Throughout this webinar, you will learn the fundamentals of direct mail and delve a little deeper into the art of producing a successful direct mail campaign. This webinar will offer tips for design that grabs attention, copy that engages readers and offers that motivate a response.  This session will guide you on building a comprhensive mailing list that will deliver your mail pieces to the mailboxes of your target audience. Finally, we will show you how to secure deep postage discounts and improve your mailing deliverability by utilizing various offers from USPS. From Every Door Direct Mail to Non-Profit Bulk Mail rates, there are several discounts that could save your organization thousands.  Be sure to join us.

This webinar will cover:

  • The question of what is a direct mail campaign?
  • Direct mail design including postcards and other mailers. 
  • Tips on how to use clear text and graphics to solicit a response. 
  • Ways to generate a clean mailing list.
  • Various postage discounts including Every Door Direct Mail and Bulk Mail.