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Literature and Fabric Swatch Shipment Policy Overview

Pride and Quantum are devoted 

  • product innovation;
  • effective sales and marketing programs and materials;
  • strong Government Affairs initiatives to promote full and independent lives for people battling disabilities and to support the provider community that serves them; and
  • comprehensive reimbursement support services to help providers understand and comply with the rules governing sale of and payment for products and services.
  • Our goal is to support your efforts to assure that consumers get outstanding products to meet their needs and have the best experience in the process.

Pride and Quantum’s Marketing Services Department makes the experience of an award-winning, in-house marketing group available to you. Whether you rely on our standard marketing pieces, or seek cost-effective custom solutions, our high-quality marketing materials show that we understand the needs and desires of consumers as well as those of the providers who serve them.

Policy Overview:

  • Providers are allotted a pre-determined amount of standard literature per year plus a pre-determined number of fabric swatches. (Please contact your Sales Representative to review this policy)
  • All order quantities will be tracked. If you reach your literature allotment you will be contacted prior to the order being fulfilled so that you are aware of the fees that will apply.
  • Shipping and handling charges will not apply to the allotment of standard literature or fabric swatches.
  • After the standard literature allotment has been filled, providers will be charged the standard cost per piece for literature and swatches (Please contact your Sales Representative to review this policy). Shipping and handling charges will apply to literature and fabric swatch orders beyond the pre-determined allotment.

Portal User/Login Overview:

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Example: Account # 1 would be 001 as username/login.

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Example: John Doe = JohnDoe as username/login.

As always, we appreciate your continued business. Let us know how we can help you to serve your customers and grow your business.

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