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Best Practices for Marketing to Teenagers

When expanding your customer base to target different age groups, it is pertinent to utilize the most efficient methods that appeal most to that target audience. Marketing to teenagers is no exception. Teens are a unique age group in which customer loyalty is generated and perpetuated. The teen age group avidly uses social media technology in their daily lives, which provides a digital word of mouth and free advertising for your company on a larger scale.

Know Your Message and How to Deliver It
Marketing to teenagers requires the knowledge of what is important and needed by this age group and how your service or product can fulfill that desire. If you can connect concepts to your services or products that are of importance to teens, such as fostering independence or pop culture, you will generate attention from this age group. If you utilize social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, you will integrate your brand into their daily lives. Take this opportunity to use social media as vehicle to deliver your company’s service or product through mediums such as quizzes or games that teens can easily share through social media with their friends.

Combining Social Media Opportunities with Real Life Experiences
Another great way to conduct your company’s campaign towards teenagers is to reward teens for utilizing social media to share their experiences and thoughts with your brand. Companies have hosted contests where customers have a chance to win a prize if the customer posts about the company in a Facebook status update, Tweet, or even a photo. This method can be especially effective with Twitter due to its use of hash tags, which makes content easy to track. Teenagers enjoy the use of social media as a method of self-expression and with the added bonus of a reward, your company will have earned a loyal customer.

Teenage Marketing Means Profit
The use of social media to earn the loyalty of teenagers is a smart way to make your company expand their audience. Through social media and its accessibility with mobile technology, it makes your message potentially viral in an instant. Integrating social media within your marketing campaign will provide successes in targeting the teenage market.