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Top 10 Things To Think About Before Creating a Social Media Plan For Your Business

Social media marketing is quickly becoming the preferred way to increase consumer awareness and promote interaction with customers online. It is important to have a social media marketing plan in place before engaging followers. So in order to be better prepared, here are 10 things to consider before you create a social media plan for your business.

1. What is the Goal?

What you’re trying to achieve through the use of social media marketing will be most dependent on the industry that you are in. This can include brand exposure or selling a product.

2. Who Will Update Social Networking Accounts?

It is important to decide early on if your social media marketing accounts will be overseen by a third party or monitored by an employee. The size of the business and social marketing budget will often determine who sets up and monitors the social media accounts.

3. Should You Tackle All Social Media Platforms?

Sometimes it is best to start small and then branch out. Try dominating one social media platform before expanding your reach to another.

4. What Are The Best Social Networks For Your Business?

There are literally hundreds of social networking sites available. It is important to determine what networks your target audiences are engaged in.

5. How Often Should I Plan On Posting New Content?

It is important to become a reliable figure on whatever social media platform you choose. This involves posting at least three times daily to Twitter or Facebook, which will make you seem like a reliable option to potential consumers and followers online.

6. What Content Should Be Posted?

The content of your social media marketing campaign is the most important variable and indicator of success. It is important to promote brand awareness and generate visual content that is creative and innovative.

7. Should Social Media Be Tied To Customer Service?

This is quickly becoming the most convenient and efficient way for consumers to communicate with businesses, so this is highly recommended.

8. How Do “Followers” Convert Into Sales?

Social media marketing is only effective if followers can be transformed into sales, so this must be in mind when you are developing your marketing plan. For example, Facebook ads are a cost effective way to generate sales and increase social networking potential.

9. How Will Success Be Measured?

When developing your social media marketing strategy, you must have success in mind as a point of reference. This will allow you to change your social media marketing campaign if expectations are not met.

10. What Should Be Avoided?

There are many pitfalls that must be avoided in order for your marketing plan to be successful. Social media is always changing and you must avoid having a rigid marketing plan in place. Simply be flexible and modify your strategies when needed.