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How Top Companies Use Direct Mail

Direct mail is still one of the most powerful marketing tools for fortune 500 companies looking to maintain a stranglehold on their industry. Direct mail allows for direct contact with the consumer that can be personalized for added effectiveness. Cards, letters, brochures and catalogs are just some of the direct mail options that can be sent to customers to engage them and increase sales.

Here are some ways that fortune 500 companies benefit from direct mail marketing and how your business can repeat their success.

Increased Response Efficiency

Fortune 500 companies understand that time is a very important variable and that sales must be produced in the most efficient manner. Not only can large direct mail marketing campaigns be produced in mere days or weeks, but this marketing strategy also entices consumers to act quickly. This allows you to have control over your consumers and even control the time frame for sales increases. This makes direct mail marketing more effective in comparison to less efficient or time related marketing options.

Direct Mail Marketing is Highly Targeted

The key to marketing success is targeting your audience and developing a marketing strategy that caters to your primary audiences. Direct mail marketing allows you to reach any segment of the market and target any group. You have the ability to send direct mail advertisements to target audiences based on buyer profiles, geography or any other market segment that you have defined in your data. What separates Fortune 500 companies from less successful businesses is the ability to tap the entire targeted market associated with that industry. Therefore, direct mail marketing is the most effective strategy in relation to target marketing and can be beneficial to companies of all sizes.

Improved Personalization

Personal contact is the best way to encourage trust and reliability. Direct mail marketing allows you to have direct contact with potential consumers that can be personalized to interest your reader. Personalized marketing campaigns are often the most effective, because consumers are able to connect with a brand or company. You even have the ability to reward loyal customers with direct mail marketing campaigns that are designed to show your appreciation for loyalty. Establishing these direct mailing lists is simple and a cost effective way to improve customer interaction.