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How To Make Your Marketing Messages Stick With Your Audience

Imagine that you are creating and developing the next advertisement in your direct mail marketing campaign. You come up with an idea that you find creative and innovative, but after sending it out, you quickly realize that this advertisement failed at resonating with your audience and didn’t generate exposure or sales. Identifying why an advertisement is not engaging to consumers can be a difficult task.

Simply because you spent hours brainstorming and creating unique copy, doesn’t always translate to marketing success or sale conversions.There are strategies that you can use to ensure that your target audience responds to your ad and feels a connection to your marketing campaign. Here are 3 simple techniques that will give you real results.

Simple is Best

A complicated message can get lost in translation, which makes it incredibly important for your message to be written with your target audience in mind. Expert level writing often misses the mark and is far too complicated for most average consumers to connect with. Stick to the basics and try to simplify your message at all costs. If you keep it simple, your message will stay intact and connect with your target audience.

Be Clear

If you want your marketing message to be understood, you must be clear and concise with your words. Don’t talk around your message; instead use examples that clearly illustrate the point that you are trying to make. Using large and sophisticated words will only lead to confusion and inhibit individuals from connecting with your product or service.

Be Different

If you want to stand out, you must be surprising and offer your target audience with real reasons to choose you. Cliches will only make consumers disconnect from your message. You want to make a genuine connection that registers with the reader and elicits some type of response. It can sometimes be beneficial to use a jarring statistic to get your point across. Surprises in marketing work and are an effective way to make your message memorable.