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Why Are Logos So Important?

A logo can be simply an image that resembles the company name, it could resemble the products or services that the company offers or it could indicate the industry or something abstract. A logo can also be a symbol that the company founders and management believe in. It can be an insignia that expresses the principles and beliefs of a company.

The significance of a logo is manifold. First, it acts as a branding tool. Across the world, hundreds of companies have used their logo for branding their organization. Today, their customers can easily spot the logo and quickly relate it to the brand or company name. Thus, a logo creates exposure. It helps establish awareness and can help advertising, marketing and sales.

A logo can spread a message, which can be used to establish credential of a company and spread the goodwill among the customers, general audience and among stakeholders.

An Image Speaks A Thousand Words

A company may have a lot to say to the world or to their target audience. Marketing is one way to convey the messages that a company wishes to spread. A logo can be a very effective marketing tool. As the popular saying goes, an image speaks a thousand words (derived from ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’).

Imagine the logo of Amazon, FedEx or Nike for example. The logo of each of these brands makes such an impact. The images are subtle, indicative and impressive. The underlying message it conveys works wonders in branding and marketing.