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Ways to Print ‘Green’?

Every business in the world should endorse green printing. It doesn’t imply that you have to do away with your printing needs but you can simply take the following steps to ensure you have an Eco-friendly printing strategy.

Print Exact Amount You Need

Digital printing technology allows you to print in the exact quantity you need, thus allowing you to save money and paper.

Eco-friendly Printing Inks & Toners

You can always use inks and toners that adhere to the best green printing standards. For instance, you can now buy inks which are made of soy and vegetable extracts and dyes instead of chemicals. There are many vegetable based inks which cause no harm to the environment. Good quality inks have very little oil and do not contain many volatile organic compounds or VOCs.

Use Recycled & Chlorine-free Paper

You can also adhere to green printing standards by using chlorine free paper. You can also get recycled paper. Many corporations across the world have been using recycled paper for many years now. It is one of the most effective green printing initiatives.

Our Commitment to Green Printing

PDQ Print Center is a proud member of Earth Safe Printing, an organization of printers who are dedicated to preserving and protecting the environment through eco-friendly printing practices.