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The Best Strategy for Marketing To Millennials

Marketing to millennials is not a cakewalk. The entire populace that is under the age of 30 is not only the largest target audience but also the most difficult to impress. The young guns are exposed to almost everything in the world. They are aware of what is good and know very well what is bad. Unlike the baby boomer generation or the subsequent generations, the millennials are impatient, restless, energetic, uncompromising, more aware and most importantly, decisive.

Here are just a few attributes that any target marketing campaign should possess to impress the millennials.

Authenticity & Relevance of The Marketing Approach

Millennials are not interested in irrelevant products or promotions that have very little value to offer. Millennials are looking for genuine products and offers, relevant messages from a company and value addition that would be tangible and authentic. You cannot impress the millennials with blurbs, hyped up or inflated offers or claims that wouldn’t be substantiated in reality. Millennials have the ability to see through such strategies. They will only respond when your target marketing is relevant, useful and you are offering something authentic.

The Communication Shouldn’t Be a One Way Highway

Millennials do not give much importance to what a company or a brand has to say. They are more interested in letting their viewpoints become known. If a marketing campaign or a target marketing strategy is a one way highway where a brand makes its point and doesn’t take into consideration what the millennials have to say, then such a strategy would not just be futile but will backfire. Millennials do not like brands, products or services that do not pay heed to what they have to say or want.

Do Not Target as a Statistic

Millennials hate it when they are regarded just as a statistic for target marketing. They are people and they want to be treated in a human manner and not just as a number. The moment a target marketing strategy treats the millennials as just a consumer market, brought down to a number or statistic, the millennials will reject the product, service or message.

Nothing Short Of Excellence Shall Impress The Millennials

Millennials will not take no for an answer when an assertive answer is available. If a product is available at a lesser price somewhere else then the millennials will not pay more, even if your target marketing campaign is very smart. If a problem can be resolved in an hour then millennials will not give a company a whole day to get that solved. Excellence is not an exceptional expectation among millennials but a minimum benchmark.