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Why Business Cards Make a Good First Impression

In the first moments of meeting a potential new business contact, it is important to have an informative, quality business card available. Ideally, it will be something that gives multiple sets of contact information like physical address, email address, social networking accounts and any other online presence you might have.

Business cards are more important than people realize and they still work well, especially when utilized in certain ways and at particular functions. Why do those little paper cards help to make a great first impression though?

Of course, giving out your contact information is a good way to let someone know you have some hope that they’ll call on you for the services you’ve listed. However, there are other ways that a business card can help you make a good first impression.

For starters, it really makes your business seem more professional; anyone can scrawl a phone number on a napkin but reaching into a pocket and producing relevant information in a second is just so much smoother. It shows you have forethought and that’s important in the business world.

While the front of a business card should have plenty of information about you and your company the back should still be a clear space. That means you can give individuals specific notes with your cards if you want. This serves as a way to tone down the mechanical aspect of handing out business cards. Business cards are one of the best ways to get into potential customers’ wallets and once you’re in, sooner or later they’re going to be thumbing through and see your card and personal note again. Reminders like that are priceless.

Print marketing has always been a useful way to help sell products and services. While digital communication has its place in the business world, emails can be quite impersonal. They can be seen as mass produced, thus eliminating much of the interpersonal communication which is important in business. A business card is typically better received than an email. Business cards are a more direct way of marketing yourself or your company to others and they make a good first impression.