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Writing an Effective Marketing Campaign: Keep it Simple

So, you’re all ready to send direct marketing to your customer base? Imagine how you would feel if your copy failed to connect with your customers and the response rate was lower than you expected. Copy is a very important part of the direct marketing process. Actually, it is the key to the entire creative process. Copy comes before design and other logistics.

Be Concise

Remember, your marketing piece isn’t the only thing your audience will be reading on any given day. People are bombarded with marketing messages 24/7. The skyrocketing popularity of mobile devices and constant daily interruptions limit the amount of time people will spend reading your piece. To ensure you get your message across, keep it simple and ensure it includes a simple “call to action.”

Stay on Subject

Once again, your time to “inspire” people to take part in your cause, purchase your product or use your service is limited. Stay on subject and make your copy clear and easy to understand. While you love your business, potential consumers need to understand how they benefit and why they should choose you.

Be entertaining

One way to ensure your message gets read is to relate to people using some sort of entertaining and creative tactic. Try and tie people’s emotions in to the piece but be sure to keep the message on point. For example, use a current event to grab attention or offer a unique promotion.