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Integrated Marketing: What Is It?

Integrated marketing is a concept that joins the two most popular marketing platforms of present times – the print and the web. Web marketing has evolved phenomenally over the last decade and no business can afford to miss out on it. Simultaneously, print marketing should also form the core of any company’s marketing strategy. The use of both print marketing and web marketing to equal extents is referred to as integrated marketing.

Web marketing is imperative for any company. Today, in a world of more than 7 billion, more than 2 billion people have access to the internet and more than 5 billion people have mobile phones. As mobile phones become a natural choice for accessing internet, there will be an even greater emphasis placed on web marketing. This market is easily the largest in the world and can be accessed in real time. No company, local or global, can afford to not capitalize on a market that is 5 billion strong. Besides, the internet has become a mainstream news source and is no longer considered to be an alternative virtual space. It is steering everything today, from direct sales to consumer opinions.

Print marketing is equally as essential. No other marketing platform offers such a targeted and effective communication channel. When brochures, fliers or other print materials are circulated, they face very little challenges from being seen as they are physically there with them at their home, office or on the street. Besides, irrespective of how dominant internet becomes and how much people live in the virtual world, the real print world can never be segregated from anyone’s day-to-day life.